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Recently, I finished a run and wanted to submit it to the leaderboard. Youtube does not seem to want to upload my video, so I was looking for an easy and free alternative to youtube if possible.


Google drive can be a good alternative.

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Also you can use the streamlabs mobile app to stream to twitch and then go online and highlight the run

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yea twitch one is a good idea, or in general there are multiple platforms too
i used to submit runs with google drive
anyways, why would you not use youtube lol


my phone for some reason won’t upload the video file to youtube so i have to use an alternative. thanks everyone for your help!

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I think that is because some devices that arent computers struggle uploading large files to youtube sometimes


it seems the video has gotten stuck, and google drive keeps telling me that it is “still processing”. despite this, i have downloaded the video but i can’t submit it because the download doesn’t give a link.


@AidenK13AidenK13 google drive usually takes a while to process shorter vids so it will take a little longer on big files


Finally finished processing! Thank you guys so much! I’ve been frustrated by this subject for over a week and now I can finally get back to going for better runs. Thanks so much everyone!

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