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I don't have the right setup to record switch games on my laptop so, is it alright if I record my runs on mobile for the time being? It won't have a timer because I don't know how to add a time onto a YouTube recording and the audio might not be very good. Will the run still count and be submittable here or no?

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If the run is visible recording with your mobile, perfectly submiteable
Then the sound im not sure, but I think normaly is allowed without it


i do and they have been verified

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and also have the timer on your laptop behind the switch

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The rules do require audio for the run to be verified but I'm pretty sure that a phone camera will pick up the necessary game audio pretty fine (maybe turn the game audio up to be safe). Also, you don't need to have a timer on screen for the run to be verified. (Just have a timer next to you so you know what time to submit it as.) You can either retime it yourself afterwards if you're able to and I think the verifiers usually retime the runs as well.

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