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Which language in the settings is the chinese one cause its now faster.

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5 words



Help channel in discord exists

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Someone do a prove with the languages
Tradicional chinese and the other chinese type (doesnt remember now the second name) are both so close, and probably are like the 2nd and the 3rd faster with what we actualy now, but, at least for the Any%, the Japanese continue being the faster with a bit of diferent, being a bit better than the faster chinese type, the tradicional chinese, which by the way yeah, is faster the tradicional than the other one
Have to mention it is also like a lot faster than the english, so is also nice if you prefer to play with it

@laurelDXlaurelDX dude dont be as rude, there is nothing bad on to post there, and he is now saying to help him I think
And, by the way, there are 12 words xdxd

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@KilleDragonKilleDragon, @laurelDXlaurelDX isn't being rude, you just can't handle it 🙂

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