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As you've previously known we've decided last week to add the rule of no longer accepting non-video submissions and that all runs now require video proof on the Leaderboard for Odyssey. Today, we announce an archived Leaderboard to which runners of the game can submit to, specifically for those who are not able record their gameplay. @okra_armband and I have worked on this leaderboard since last week and we are happy to announce that it is now finalized and ready for submissions, both Okra and I will be managing this google sheets Leaderboard for now. This Leaderboard will not and cannot be automatically updated with the Leaderboard, so when you submit a time, they will automatically be placed in the response sheet, and that's where either Okra or I will take your submission, overlook it and rank it accordingly on the Leaderboard. (1P submission form only, if you wish to submit a 2P run without video proof, please contact either Okra or I.) With that said, all non-video runs that are present on the Leaderboard will be deleted, and the Leaderboard will require video evidence from this point onward. A comment about your run (or splits) is necessary for proper verification, please submit real times that you have actually achieved. Thank you for your patience.

Submission Form:

Archived Leaderboard:

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Will the current runs on SRC be moved to the sheet?


Yes, all runs get moved, then video proof runs get deleted so its just for no-video proof runs.

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I can see adding a video requirement for all new runs, but deleting all old runs with no video seems like too much

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Considering a lot of them are potentially fake from accounts that have submitted a single run and submitted to no other game, this is the best choice to get rid of the inflation of player count, cause it for sure is not entirely accurate. They're all archived on this board anyways, and this rule won't be reversed, video is required on the leaderboard.

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I am one of the people that are offended because I don’t have a capture card and I am being accused of cheating

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Without video proof, mods and others players cannot believe you. If you have a video you can stop attacks against you for "cheating".

It's really hard to record with a phone or a webcam ? To be honest, the "I have no cap card" excuse is not a valid reason because phones and webcams to rec your TV exists.

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@Andyrdgz We are not accusing anyone of cheating, we are making this rule a necessity, which makes the leaderboard a lot easier to manage as well as keep true to the video provided runs, SM64 has done this as well.

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I am just a kid and I have no money to buy a capture card. I must have went a bit to overboard with my comment


I'm gonna hope this is sarcastic but I'm gonna respond as if it isn't. webcams, phones, and other recording devices work fine. IDK why people think they need a capture card to record. If you cant get one, it's perfectly reasonable because they are expensive. Webcams are $10 and you probably have a phone that you could use as well.

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I actually just recorded a speedrun on my Ipad and uploaded it

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I responded but didn't see my run an the leaderboard document.


The verification process is done almost monthly as there are little to no submissions anymore.

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Is this still active and if It is where do the runs go to? If they are moved to the archived leaderboard then the name should be changed to avoid further confusion


You submit non video proof runs and view the archived leaderboard using the links posted at the top of this thread, no names need to be changed, it is an archived leaderboard for non video proof runs specifically.


Where do the runs get put? Do they get put into the archived leaderboard?


They are transferred to a sheet only Okra and I can see, to confirm runs to add them to the archived sheet.

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