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So as of now there is a strict no video runs are declined rule, as is with mario 64. However i was thinking that this rule should be changed, now I know that I am not a mod but this is just an idea that I wanted to throw out there. As with sunshine and galaxy and mario 1 and world and most other src games, there is a video cap that is used to define wether or not no video runs are allowed. In my opinion if the video cap is put in effect by the mods, it would be very good for people with no capture card, and it could let them upload runs while also motivating them to get a capture card as they improve. I believe that having this strict no video runs are declined rule is bad for a speedgame and can really put people off that have no way of recording or are too poor to get something to record or are currently saving up money to get something to record. Much as I was put off of the mario 64 leaderboards when i was saving up for a capture card, so the video cap can be very beneficial in that way. If the mods don't like the rule that's not a big deal for me because I will have my computer back to record at the end of novemeber, but it could be very good for people who are less fortunate than myself as to not have a way to record. Once again this is just a suggestion to try and make the leaderboard better and more accessible as it is growing, so you don't have to accept it, just a thought.

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From my perspective, i think any time under 2 hours should require a video and any time under 1:12:00 (very good time) should be streamed.
ANY% wise.

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I agree with everything accept the stream part. Throughout almost all of speedrunning there has been a mix of streamed and recorded WRs and I think the mods could discover if anything was wrong in a recorded run.

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how many more threads about this topic?! the rule is defined clearly and it's only up to mods to change it (which i wouldn't prefer!), so live with this...sry for offense, but it's the same post over and over again, i can't stand it anymore. i've activated "notify for every new post" to read interesting stuff, not the same discussion 7 times. 1 time is totally fine, but not more times than this. and if you think, you're the first one to come up with this brilliant idea, please check several past entries in the forum before posting. thanks!

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so what's wrong with suggesting something to mods

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defqon_jan, you overlooked something. You also have the situation of players (like me) who can't record for very long because of certain issues (in my case i can't record when i put my charger in for example), and finding out that i dont need video proof until i reach a certain level was rly a relief for me. I don't see your and every1 elses problem with y you wouldn't always need video proof, the speedrunning community is one of the if not the most honest communities in the world (especially when looking at lower times) there can also be other rules like that you need video proof when youre progressing too fast to be believable in wich case the mod could ask you for a part of or a whole run as proof that you can reach that level and that you're just evolving really fast. The "people would fake their times" excuse is just really lame.

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Well if someone really wanted to cheat to a 'perfect', let's say world peace run, They have to make that secretly segmented run very quickly, as there's a visible date on every single moon. Also I guess submitting the run within a day of the date marked on all moons got in the run is fair, so no precise editing can be done, just raw footage

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I feel like this is an appropriate story to tell since it happened recently. Recently a friend of mine noticed someone had been submitting a lot of good runs to the Wind Waker boards and this guy had submitted video-less runs to boards before. Big problem was all of these runs were clearly faked, but they were at the very cap of runs allowed without video. He was getting like 7th place times on the board just because that's where the cap is. It's unfair to people who have submitted run and are underneath people who haven't submitted any proof of their runs whatsoever. I think we could somehow reach a compromise for this but it's unfair to cheat people who work really hard on their runs and have them be under people just trying to wrack up a bit of fame. It also makes verification processes much more difficult as there is no definitive proof of the run. A big reason a lot of older games allow things like screenshots is because they can have built in times on emulators and a lot of those longer games have them because they are longer games that actually cost a decent amount of money to record. I just want to point out that if you can point a camera at your switch or something than you should do that, I get memory on the camera can be a problem but even if you just get a decent SD Card or whatever your camera takes you should at least be able to do an Any% run.

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Sorry @Spevan but this isn't WindWaker. At the level the Odyssey runs are currently at, it won't be able to be even top 30 without a recorded run. That's why I've been saying make the cut-off 1:25. You won't be even top 50, so it's not like there's any real reason to want to lie about your time. Not only that, but people under that shouldn't feel cheated. If they want a higher rank, keep practicing and beat the time. It's a win-win for everyone.


A compromise for this could be to put the cap at sth between 1:25 and 1:30, and also allow like 40 mins off recording as video proof (up until a certain time (like 1:20 or sth, after wich a video of the full run is required)). That way, the mods get to see the player in action and judge whether or not by the footage shown the player is capable or not of reaching the time he submitted (I understand if you disagree with me on this, cuz i admit it is a fishy system, but its just brainstorming were doing here i guess).

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A good time is below 1:30:00 so that would be a good video cap (in my opinion KappaPride)


Well, I think 1:30:00 is too high, I would say 1:27 or 1:28


rn top 50 runs need video, so maybe runs under 1:20:00 need video


Runs under 1:25 should need video proof

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I'd say under 1:20:00 need proof. If someone wants to cheat a 1:20:00 that would still only put them in 165th.


I'm in favour of top 200


1:20 seems like a good cap for any% so far. But categories like Dark Side should have a video requirement until it gets a lot more runs. (Also btw I was first to suggest this, I requested it before the game released)


What is the actual vídeo requirement for Dark/Darker Side???


Top 50, I guess. That means every run