I was just curious if anyone knew what a typical first run time is. After my practice, I’m estimating 2 hours for my first run. Just thought it would be cool if runners could show they are human and post their first time. Thanks!


Any% right? Mine was 1:46:45, currently at 1:17:48, started 2 month ago, with college have barely enough time to do any runs LOL. This game is very friendly to new speedrunners as even the intermediate level movements are not super challenging. Good luck

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My first was a 1:35:32, but even that was after a decent amount of practice


My first is a 1:34, but It got down to a 1:19


My first is a 1:34, but It got down to a 1:19


I first run was 1:49.23 and now I got it down to a 1:24.21. I started about a month ago so I have gotten better soon.


I really appreciate the responses so far! This community seems that it is the friendliest ever! I can’t wait to become an active member. I first saw some runs by vallu, and then I decided I would almost 100% the game before speedrunning it. I watched Samaru1man’s tutorial video and did each of the kingdoms about twice. I love the game so far, and I’m excited to start the climb to the top, or more just around sub 1:20


My first any% was 2:16:22 and that was while watching someone else do the run and I was taking notes as I went along. If you don't count that then my first was 1:44:27 and I just got a 1:29:53. I'm really trying to get that sub-1:20. (I'll need a camera or a capture card tho.)


My first run was a 2:40:36. I had no experience with any speedrun strats, I started speedrunning smo on 11/03/17. Now I got it down to a 1:11:52 🙂 Goodluck to every smo speedrunner!


My first was 3:21:38 after on 28th October lol (only played game for 5hours before)


My first was like a 2:15 I think, i was only like halfway through the game at that time and I didn’t use a route. Now my pb is a 1:20:18


First run was over 3 hours on the second day of release iirc. Now I have a 1:16:28


My first run was a 1:39:xx, standing at a 1:21:09 now. It's just a matter of how much effort you want to put into learning the route and movement before doing a run. If you want to go straight into it, your first run will likely be over 2 hours. If you want to have a decent first run, it'll be under 2 hours, and if you want a good first run, under 1:30. my imo pls don't steal

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my first run was 2:07 right after opening the game, then i got a 1:43 directly after that, first run after learning was 1:26, now i have 1:13.


My first run was like 2:12, but I didn't practice before that, I only watched the World record and Cave skip alone costed me like 20 minutes. Now my time is 1:12:51


My first run was a 2h45 without any route practice so I was just passing trough the game randomly with a lot of deaths lol


My first was 3h 10 now i got a 1:16:32


i watched a few runs and 100% the game before doing my first run which i think was about 1:40:00. Been running for a month and just got a pb of 1:15:36 (sadly though i dont have a capture card). fair amount of practice though, lost kingdom jump, bowser fights, mech, moon skip, even the night metro jumps.