Coin Duplication Guide (Coin Farming)

By Stravos96Stravos96. Last updated

Note: this does NOT work on 1.0

Using precise foot positioning with a captured dino, you can manipulate the coins that spawn out of a destroyed block to duplicate.

This video explains what the trick is, shows how and where to do it, and how to avoid common failures:

While aiming directly into corner of a block as the dino, have the leading foot positioned nearly as close as possible to the block without breaking it. Then simply push into the corner of the block from that position to cause duplicate coins to spawn. A slow speed is recommended

This trick can be used repeatedly by resetting the room with fast routing to potentially get 9999 coins in 40-48 minutes, depending on how often you get the optimal amount of 48 coins. This is by getting 150 coins in the entire room and repeating it every 36 seconds for a rate of 250 coins per minute (the fastest rate currently known). However, keep in mind that this rate depends on getting the optimal amount of coins every single time. On average, you should hope for at least 125 coins every time, giving a rate of 208 coins per minute. This is still the fastest rate, but not by much. So, a good rate requires making full use of this trick.

Nipple% records will have very optimized routing to repeat the room, if you wish to study the routing of it in particular.
Basically, once you enter the room, head straight for the dino and capture it.
Once captured, do the setup for the trick, and then continue along the path until the trampoline.
It is fastest to fall delicately close to the edge on the side of the trampoline, without activating it.
Then, crush all the little colorful dudes and exit the room.
Re-enter it and repeat.

btw im a top Any% runner who streams often 😉 https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​stravos96