how to record
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im trying to record my game play to get a time on the leaderboard but i dont know how to record i have a capture card dont know how to set it up

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Search up a tutorial on how to set it up on you tube

You connect the card hdmi cable to the switch dock and connect the usb cable to computer and if you download OBS studios, you can select the video input

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go to obs select video capture device then select your capture card (if you are using a elgato capture card you need to download the software for the drivers you may have to do this with others as well)

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capture card

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  • connect the switch with the hdmi input of the card
  • connect the hdmi output of the card to the monitor
  • connect the usb of the card with the PC
  • go to PC's OBS and select the capture card

@Bananaboii lol read the message he wrote, he does alredy have one

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