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First of all to preface that, I just want to say my mod position will be temporary since the actual mods are inactive. I've not played a lot to the 3DS version so it will take a bit to verify correctly runs. Thanks to @DangerlessDangerless for accepting me.

After checking the leaderboards I just see some WRs or top 3 runs are verified but there are no video proof linked and rules state WR or Tied World Record (for ILs) or top 3 runs (for full game runs) needs video.

So I'll take down all these runs to make the leaderboard more clean and fair.

If there are still WRs runs with no video on the boards and I didn't see, tell me and I'll reject them but it should be fine now


Does it matter if the video is in bad quality? For example: if I recorded a run and the video was really bad, would the run not be verified because of the bad video?


as long we can see the game, the run will be verified


So, do all runs without vids get rejected?


Yes, now all runs require video proof. It's better like that.

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