1: Genocide%: Endless Easy for 16 (Or maybe 😎 levels, but you have to kill every enemy

2: Ninji%: Since the last one just came out, how about a category where you beat all of them in a row as fast as possible, called Ninji%

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- Ninji is going to arrive today.

- Genocide is unfortunately too much random (If we had to kill everything on the screen)

ex: Pirannha plant, spiny without power up, ennemies in wall we can't kill, one direction enemies who die not because of you,...

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And Game Over%?


Also I'd have to agree w/ kevin, genocide% would be far too insane

@AntBluR seems like too short of a category that'd be really boring. You'd just find a level with a pit right away and die there a bunch (shortest would be 30 for Super Expert)

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