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This idea came about to me as I wanted to play the bingo put together by PangaeaPanga and Raysfire. I didn't have anyone to play it with, but still wanted a goal for playing it. I thought of seeing how fast I could complete 2 lines, and with that, realized it would be something of a speedrun.

So I did exactly that. I setup my OBS with a timer and the bingo sheet, and did a speedrun to complete 2 lines. The speedrun involves resetting the board as much as you like to find 2 lines that would work well together or be fastest to do.

You can watch my example video here:

I find this speedrun interesting as it involves a lot of strategy in order to complete your chosen lines as fast as possible, and will be different on a run-by-run basis. Different players may also have different strengths that open up strategies for them, making certain tiles more appealing to look for in a board.

This speedrun also requires good tile management and multitasking to achieve a good time. The best times will no doubt consist of tiles that are good for multitasking.

This could also potentially be 2 categories, as Bingosync boards also have "seeds", meaning the potential for a seeded bingo category. The other main category would be random boards, where you simply generate a new board until you find one appealing.
Category Rules might have to be a bit long to cover everything, but here are some I imagine:

- The player must be on the Course World
- Hot and New levels must be refreshed
- The player must be on the Course World menu before it starts
- The run begins once the player leaves the Course World menu
- The run ends once the runner has completed their second line
- Card Variant should be "2021"
- The full 5x5 board must always be visible
- If random, the refresh before the run begins must be shown
- If seeded, the seed being chosen must be shown
- Hot, New, Super World, and Endless levels are allowed
- Popular can not be used
- Detailed Search can not be used
- Previously played levels can not be used
- First Clears do not count towards World Records
- Endless Life Goals must begin from the default life amount
- Tiles done in Versus are only counted once a player has reached the flag
- The 2 lines must be completed on the same board
- A tile does not count until the level has been completed, besides for death tiles

Maybe the categories could also be referred to as:
BRS% (Bingo Random Seed)
BSS% (Bingo Set Seed)

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I like it because i also promoted this LUL

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This sounds like a fun category

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Sounds like a cool category to run / compete against others with, but right now we aren't adding any new categories. We'll keep this in mind for when we do.


Trust me the message above wont last they add a new category every week LUL


I think this would be cool!

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