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Don't kill any enemy.
If enemies disappear because of reaching the goal, that's OK
If enemies walk into a pit or somehow just kill each other (e.g. a spike throwing a spike ball to kill a goomba) that's OK
If you kill one enemy you have to reset, you can't just retry the level

+A couple scenarios where i'm not sure what would be the best:
-Player activates a thwomp which kills an enemy
-Player activates an ON/OFF switch which kills an enemy
-If you jump on a parakoopa and remove it's wings does that count as killing

I also already did a run in case that's needed, time is 11:58:

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The category is on the leaderboard now.

I was waiting the first runner to create the category. Your run is valide, you can submit it.

If I forgot something in the rules other way to kill a enemy, tell me. @Qwerty73Qwerty73


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Thank you for adding the category, i remember now that you already had the idea a while ago.
If i find any more ways to kill an enemy i'll let you know, though i have one question already:
If i jump on an enemy with wings, or just jump onto a koopa in general, that won't kill it, but it is kind of against the spirit of pacifist mode, so i was wondering if that is valid or not.

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