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If i collect a coin or power
up can i skip the level and carry on


the answer is no btw they didnt feel like telling everyone else

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@DillPickelDillPickel sorry it's been a little while, I didn't look to the forum.

But if you are not sure if something is allowed or not, check the rules of the category.

No Coin
- The coins counter has to stay at 0 during the whole run.
- All coins collected which don't make the coin counter increase are allowed. (i.e. coins collected in a level after touching a flagpole)

No Power Up
- Any powerups collected after touching the flagpole / axe is allowed.
- Once you collect a powerup the run is automatically over, you cannot skip if you touch a powerup."


I have an addon question to the No Coin speedrun.
Since skipping is allowed, is restarting a level also allowed then?
If you realize you missed something at the beginning, instead of going back, can I then restart?

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