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Hi everyone,

Thank you SwallowingSamuel to give me the idea to create this category.

Instead of "All Jobs" where you need to take many coins and finish all the levels. I suggest "Story Mode (All Jobs) NG+", a category where you play every levels faster as possible.

When you finish 100% you can talk to the first Toad and every levels are here. So can switch every levels very easy.

-Playing the Game after having 100%
-Timer Start when you start the first level and end when you hit the last flag.

I think it will be more entertaining than all jobs where you need to be very slow. And you can improve your skills for the IL categories. I'm going to do a run in a few days.

Have you got a better name for this category and do you like this idea ?

IwerSonschIwerSonsch, NiklYoshiNiklYoshi and 5 others like this. 

Nice idea
Basicaly you dont have to see at the coins and you dont have to organize all the idea of the castle, simply you have to beat all the levels as fast as posible

Kevin700PKevin700P, NiklYoshiNiklYoshi and 3 others like this. 

nice idea for a category it's better than getting coins to play the levels I think this could be a category on the leader boards but the mods have to deside 🙂

Kevin700PKevin700P, NiklYoshiNiklYoshi and 2 others like this. 

Agree'd, this sounds especially fun as it doesn't require any resets 🙃

Kevin700PKevin700P, PancakeRaichu13PancakeRaichu13 and KilleDragonKilleDragon like this. 

Agree'd, this sounds especially fun as it doesn't require any resets 🙃

PancakeRaichu13PancakeRaichu13 and KilleDragonKilleDragon like this. 

sounds good but we need a finished run first before adding the category

PancakeRaichu13PancakeRaichu13, Andrewwayne12.Andrewwayne12. and 2 others like this. 

"dont require any reset" until you fail and do any reset 🙂
thats like any other category

In all case, yeah, nice idea, if somebody run it
With only 1 runner will be added?

PancakeRaichu13PancakeRaichu13 likes this. 

Hi everyone,

Here is my first run !

Slower than the WR of NG, because I die so many times and I only know by heart the 25 first levels. But I will do other runs.

Andrewwayne12.Andrewwayne12., KroneSGKroneSG and 2 others like this. 


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