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Super Mario Maker 2 Forum  /  Does a timer have to be visible in Endless Normal? Thanks.
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If you mean a timer like the tipical of livesplit showing the time you actualy spend?
I can supose that NO, normaly in any category in any game is not needed, and would be stupid to need it
Whit the video you just calculate it doing "moment of the video you finish - moment of the video you start"
I think is easy to do lol xd
Why would be needed it

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To further elaborate, you don't NEED a visible timer, but it does make it easier on the mods. Sometimes we need to check milliseconds to see whether a run should be a second faster/slower, which means checking a video frame by frame. Having a visible number for that process is just a lot more convenient.

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@IamUncleSlamIamUncleSlam yeah, also true, but, in all case, taking the idea of the milimetrics, if you use yourself a timer, think that maybe is not exactly used the timer, maybe he start 0,2 later and finish 0,2 earlier, so, until with all of that, is needed to prove if you have to put exact milimeters

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