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As this category is on the Super Mario Maker 1 file (Misc.), I submit this new category for SMM2.

The combination of Endless mode Easy + Normal + Expert + Super Expert.

My first valid run was very slow, because I didn’t want to die and it’s more harder to have a good time than a single run. But I have a new PB on Super Expert.

- Complete the Endless Mode on every difficulty.
- 16 Easy, 16 Normal, 16 Expert and 6 Super Expert.
- Any order of difficulty is fine.
- Timing starts when you press "New Game". (or when you press "Yes" after the game asks you if you want to start a new game and overwrite the old one)
- Timing ends when you finish the final level. (hitting the axe or flagpole grab)

- Runs require a permanent video proof.
- Runs must start from a fresh start with 0 progression.
- Skipping is allowed. 
- Game Over is forbidden.

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  [user deleted]

Sounds good to me. I cant run it though cuz im bad at super expert and expert

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Very good idea, I added the category as misc and submitted the run on your behalf.

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i would do this but im bad a super expert but good idea 🙂

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