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Super Mario Maker 2 Forum  /  New category idea - WR%

Get the WR on five courses in New or Hot courses (I don't know which mode is better to do it in)

-Must go into level without looking at it before run other than in menu
-Can complete any levels on the list of hot or new courses
-Timing starts when pressing start on first level, ends when "World Record" banner appears on last level.

Potential Changes to be made:
-Decide whether to put it in Hot Courses or New Courses, I did some tests and I found in Hot Courses it took a while to get world records because most courses there are two seconds long and hold right levels, in New Courses though, you're almost guaranteed a world record or first clear

-Decide whether or not a first clear counts as world record, this could lead to some interesting scenarios if you have to play a level multiple time to get first clear and world record

-Any other changes or ideas you guys think would be good for a category like this

Thanks for reading stupid long explanation, hope you consider this for an official category!

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I think this is too much of a luck based category to ever become one. Plus, for some people the loading time between levels takes longer than others. Also, a person could get 5 2 second levels and get the wr in an insanely short time and it would be impossible to beat, which takes all the fun of running it out of the question, because the leaderboard would be full of insanely short runs. It’s a good idea, but I personally don’t think it’s worth getting a category. Maybe send a video of your run tho and we’ll see If a mod thinks it’s a good idea or not.

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@LilBroski1LilBroski1 the randomness isn't an issue, the issue is that this category becomes a problem once the stuff like smm1 happens and they stop letting you upload levels. At that point, the WRs for each uploaded level would be far more optimized than a random new level, effectively making this category impossible at that point.

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Also, the title, “WR%,” doesn’t make sense with the category you proposed. Something like “New courses—five WRs” seems better to me.

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Agreed with Sizzyl. Can't see how running this category would end up fair for everyone.

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Okay. I'll send a video of the run that I did later today but what you guys have said makes sense.


Hi guys, sorry I haven't gotten the video to you yet. I did the run, but I've been having some problems with my wifi and I haven't been able to upload it to YouTube. But just so you guys know, I did the run in Hot Courses and I got a time of 9m 28s.


And also to clear something up, when thinking of this category, I intended on having total time between all the levels, loading levels, failed attempts, etc. as part of the time. I don't want it to be like the Ninji category where you just add the time of each level together, because you're right, then the category wouldn't be fair. However if you just let the timer run between levels and during playtime, you'll be on an even playing field for the most part because you might have a short level, but it takes you a couple of attempts to get WR and the timer keeps going. Sorry I didn't make that clear in my first post, but I hope this clears up some confusion I think some of you had.


Couldn’t you also make five really short levels, then on another profile go play your own levels for an easy first place?

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It would be randomly generated levels from Hot Courses, so no. You would get a different batch of levels every time you did the speedrun.


@SizzylSizzyl so we are not adding other categories just because the game will be broken in 4 years when another game gets out? maybe will be obsolete in some time but i dont think that should be a restriction, also for that point the game pretty much dies at speedrunning lol
for the category, ye from hot courses probably better, from new levels basicaly is just beating them because there are not other players that have beat it in that time, and you could just start after submisions as Pear says because they are the newest and will be on the top
but yeah a lot of randomness, idk maybe

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I'm against adding this one in particular because WRs are something that changes over time.
Something like Ninjis, Pacifist, Endless, Nuzlocke, etc. doesn't change once levels can't be uploaded, the random levels you find or set levels made by nintendo stay relatively the same after level uploading is stopped. Level WRs just get more and more optimized over time, and eventually the hot/new page will have some of the most contested level WRs of them all since the same levels will be immortalized there forever. Overall, this category, unlike others, would just get insanely more difficult over time making it borderline unfair for future runners. Furthermore, the endless speedruns are essentially the same if you were to take out the WR part of this run as the goal of going as fast as possible is still the same.

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Here's the link to watch my example run if any of you are still interested.

Personally I don't think you should disregard a category idea because in four years you may not be able to run it anymore, but you're the mods and you know what your doing more than I do so, do what you think is best for the page.

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Sorry but I don't see it as a new category @KikiranKikiran

You can choose levels with 0%. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes hard. You can see what is the kind of level of what you are going to play.

It's not the same than Endless Mode.

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Okay, thanks for the consideration!

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@SizzylSizzyl oh now i get that, good point
thanks for the clarification

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