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This has been happening since last Wednesday, just wondering how i can fix it.

Error Message: Network services are temporarily unavailable.

  [user deleted]

@SizzylSizzyl if your new dont just go around posting stuff in random posts, its annoying cuz it gets a notification to everybody that follows this game category thingy. Espacially dont go to the old ones unless you have something important to say, its so much more annoying on the old ones. People look at their notifications expecting great WR's but get "Idk GL" is very annoying. And dont go do this somewhere else on, it will annoy them just as much. If ur not new, its still pretty annoying so please stop. Just like the post when you see it so you dont have to give notification to anyone else, thank you

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@FroZen_WaTer_99FroZen_WaTer_99 I’m not new at all (hence why I’m a verifyer here) and I’m sorry that you’re annoyed by this, but one notification isn’t the end of the world. I simply said idk GL because I looked into it for you and found nothing useful, so I was wishing you luck in finding a solution. As far as this being an old post, I havent been on src for a week or two because my internet on vacation was very bad. Hopefully you understand, and I’ll make sure to avoid posts with your username in the future, apologies.

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