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Super Mario Maker 2 Forum  /  Adding co-op mode as a category
(edited: )

Proposed rules(restated in vid)
-Complete 10 stages as fast as possible
-Online coop w/ randos or friends(when added)
-Use of igt
-Time stamps MUST be given for end/start of each level
-Must go with first 10 levels of your given difficulty (all levels must be same difficulty)
-If you fail a level, the time it gives you to complete the level will be added
-Teammates CAN be changed
-You don't need to be the one to finish the level, any of the 4 can
Reply below or like this post if you think this category should be added! (timestamps are at the last 10 seconds of video)

(edited: )

I see this category with very strict rules but it's just my opinion. If the community wants a category like that, maybe we'll add it as misc.

But that concept isn't bad overall.

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@R0mainR0main thats just a temp ruleset, obv can be changed.


We should wait until the laggy servers are fixed until this category is even considered.
and also add a rule stating that all runs prior to the fix (or are in laggy lobbies) will be rejected from the boards.

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Yeah, 3dw just destroys any chances of going fast at the moment, Nintendo needs time to fix the servers.

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