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This idea is mostly just a way to spice up regular endless runs. Occasionally when playing endless easy I would switch to one-handed play for one reason or another. Mostly because I either had something in my hand, or it was just fun. Not sure how entertaining this would be for anything but easy but 16 levels of endless easy one-handed way pretty fun when I tested it. Again, this is literally just a regular endless run with one hand.


Sorry but there's a higher chance in you winning the lottery than this category getting added... 😛

It really is a cool twist and probably also a fun challenge but:
- The only option to verify these runs would be using a handcam; as pretty much no one streams with hand cam, barely anyone would submit. And even with handcam I think it would be a pain to verify.
- It doesn't change anything gameplay wise
- "One handed" has a really vague definition

Should be seen as a challenge rather than a speedrun I guess (=

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