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Famous SMM2 gamer @PangaeaPangaPangaeaPanga broke the Super Expert endless record by 20 minutes in this video I believe a mod should add this as this video contains full video, includes timer, and is already a user on SRC. In case you were wondering how time is 34:50

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• The following rules will be strictly enforced:
• Do not list a player's runs on a leaderboard if they explicitly do not want it listed.
• Do not copy or reupload a player's video without permission from the user.
• Do not list a player's username on a leaderboard if they explicitly do not want it listed.
• If a player does not want their top time listed, it is acceptable to just not list the top time. It is also acceptable to list a top time with the username "Anonymous" and no video linked. An anonymized reuploaded video may be used only with the explicit permission of the player.
• It is generally acceptable to document a top time without contacting the player, unless the individual explicitly requests it not be listed, as described above.
• Do not copy other online leaderboards without permission from the owners of those leaderboards.

If the person who did the run wants to submit then allow them to do so. Force adding times has caused many issues in various communities, we try our best on the site to respect the wishes of runners.

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Sadly I know few Youtubers and streamers who make great time in Super Expert mode (and Skipless too) I just think no one care about endless speedrun that much.