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is there a cirtain order of the 10 mario challenge courses or is it just RNG that decides what level is next


The first 1 or 2 runs seem to be fixed.

Afterwards, there are always certain blocks of 4 stages , with 2 blocks creating 1 run.
Each block will only be either in the first or second block in a run, but never both.

So if block 1 appears in the first block, you'll never see block 1 as the second block in any run ever.

But which blocks you will get when is completely RNG afterwards.

Since most blocks take up the same amount of time, there's no noticable difference in splits. Maybe 30 seconds at best.


I played this category quite a lot now 😃

Run 1 and Run 2 fixed.
Run 3 and Run 4 share the same 16 levels.
Run 5, Run 6 and Run 7 share the same 24 levels.

Each stage has a fixed position in a run.

You can see their order when overviewing their position in their save slots.

You find the first 2 runs in their respective order between saveslots "3-1" and "6-4"

You find the next 2 runs in their respective order in blocks of 2 between saveslots "7-1" and "10-4"
So your 3-1 or 4-1 in a run is either 7-1 or 7-2 in the saveslots.

You find the final 3 runs in their respective order in blocks of 3 between saveslots "11-1" and "16-4"
The same logic applies here aswell: 5-1 , 6-1 or 7-1 in a run is either 11-1, 11-2 or 11-3 in your saveslot.

So to have the most accurate splits, you should split after: Tutorial, Run 1, Run 2, Run 4 and Run 7.
Splitting for Run 3, Run 5 and Run 6 is pointless. I only do it to keep track of the current Run.