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Hello everyone!

I've been trying to at least learn world 1 to see if I am eventually going to run this game.
However, I'd like to do it with the yoshi flutter in Yoshi 2

So here's my description of how I do it:
Stand at yoshi's nest, aim to the top right and then jump + spin to get the headshake
then hold down + a little bit right
but when the camera changes, I lose my speed. I've tried turning my control stick with the camera and stuff and I only got it once, but I had no clue how I did it

Any help would be greatly appreciated 😃


It is all about timing with the control stick, try it out more and it will come sooner or later.

Also I am guessing you are consistent with the actual fluttering, otherwise:

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Do I have to rotate with the camera or can I just switch from holding down to holding up?

Thanks for the reply!