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I want to do any% runs of this game but it requires SO many starbits and after I am done with the run I can’t get my starbits back so I have to lose a lot of my Starbits To runs. Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

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You can farm starbits in Melty Monster 2. That's easily the best place to grind them. Also if you're going to delete your Any% file, make sure you transfer all of the star bits you have into the bank toad so you don't lose any of them.


If u have an SD card, put it in ur wii, go to data management, click on the smg2 tab, and press copy, then press yes when it asks if u want to copy data to SD Card. When u finish a run, go back to data management, delete the smg2 data on the Wii, then click the SD card option in the top right corner. Click on the smg2 tab and click copy. Press yes when it asks if u want to copy the data to the Wii. This will reset the data to when u saved it to on the SD card. Keep in mind that if u want to update il times etc you’ll need to redo all the steps. Hopefully that helped

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