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Along with Galaxy 1, I think there are many new categories that could be added to this game so should there be a Category Extensions for Galaxy 2?

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categories like max% before bowser, bingo or 242 star new game+ would be nice to play and compete against

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The game is possible without powerups. That would be a really fun run to both do and watch.

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That would actually be really cool!

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Is true there are so many ideas that can be added in a category extensions, would be so nice to run it someone lol.
The thread is of 2018, and nobody say nothing about a CE.
Pls would be so nice to be added.

I have an idea: tipical of "99 lives", to get 99 lives in the mínimum time posible.
I dont know if there is a faster way, but I know that, in the first Galaxy of world 4, you can use the giants Koopa-Troopas to get 99 lives lol.


@JeromeJerome Bingo? Lol that sound so nice to a competition XD, but how can be a category of a bingo for an SpeedRun? In all case is a nice idea!


Bingo wouldn’t really work in this game due to how the world maps linear style, would work better with galaxy 1 as it’s a bit more open when it comes to doing stars in randomly orders. Ps a comet category where u get all the prankster comets could be cool, would probably take like 2:30:00 or something idk

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