I just want to say this message to the moderators. It is possible to play this game on Wii U, without it being bought as a Virtual Console. So what i'm saying is that you could maybe add WiiU as a submittable Platform? it could confuse some runners who doesn't play with either Wii nor WiiUVC (I know it's pointless, since the gameplay is exactly the same, but it still seems like a little mistake that could be fixed quite easily)


It plays only in the Wii mode witch would make it be submitted as Wii.


But if you look at nearly every other game that is playable on Wii, and only has a physical copy for the Wii, Wii U is also a submittable platform

Wii Sports/Resort
Wii Party
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Mario Kart Wii

And that's just to name a few.


It's called Virtual Wii mode, not WiiU playing wii games mode

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Wait, so does the gameplay change when you play it as a Virtual Console, rather than putting the disk in the Wii U and playing it that way? i apologize if i have misunderstood anything you have said


No. Gameplay should be the same in that case. You can use the Wii U to play your game as it's still the same game.


My point is, that if i'm playing with my Wii U, not a Virtual Console from the eShop, it isn't a submittable platform. I can only submit it as Wii or WiiUVC. Now, i get it, it's completely pointless what i play on, whether its Wii, Wii U or Wii U Virtual Console, since it doesn't affect gameplay, but still. Submissions should be accurate


If you play with a Wii disc, submit as Wii as load times are not different. If you play on virtual console, submit as VC. Adding a different category to submit is entirely pointless because playing on Wii U with a Wii disc is the exact same as playing on Wii with a Wii disc.

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That, i can agree with, thanks for explaining your argument in more detail.