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Hi, I was wondering whether or not it is allowed to do a run over several days without having a time of like 50+ hours, I've recieven signs that indicate in both directions: It says: must be done in RTA, but when i submitted a run that had a description like: "this run was done over the course of several days..." it was accepted, can you pls help me on this otherwise it would be stupid for me to record my footage, put it into a playlist on youtube and then having it be rejected.


As long as the timer stays running and doesn't stop or pause at all until the run is done, there shouldn't be anything wrong with that.


Yea i know but what if i dont have enough time to finish an 8-9 hour run in one go, is it allowed to pause the timer when i shut off or pause the game? until now i make sure i skipped the "save your game" textbox, wait 2-3 seconds, pause the timer, save the game and shut it off, get to the exact same spot when i restart, and then first unpause the timer before i start moving, is this allowed or is this site just so sadistic to make me play videogames 8-9 hours in a row Kappa


I'd consult with mods about pausing the timer and pausing the game and coming back later to resume the run.


If you want to take breaks, okay, feel free. But the timer needs to be going on at all times, until you either reset or finish the run. If you do take breaks and pause the run (Like i once did for my 14hr smg1 120 run that was like over 4 days, (PS: I just didnt know) never again LUL ) your run will not be submitted to the Leaderboard


Like Spyro said, you're not allowed to pause the timer under any circumstance. Part of the challenge of doing 120 stars is doing it all in one sitting. If you can't do that then the consequence is losing a ton of time.