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So this is something we've been doing for a while, but recently we've been having more people post times without video proof, and so we'd like to be clearer on how we're currently managing this.

At the moment, we will investigate a time further if you do not have a video and your time is:
Under 3:00 in Any% (Mario)
Under 2:55 in Any% (Luigi)
Under 6:30 in 120 Stars
Under 13:30 in 242 Stars

If your run fits in these categories then we will look for other evidence for you run, such as splits and evidence of past runs/broadcasts. If you have even a partial vod for your run, or it was streamed somewhere but for some reason the vod is corrupted, please let us know in the submission so that we can obtain more evidence.

Unfortunately, without any proof we will not be accepting runs below these times. If you cannot use a capture card, consider recording your video with just a webcam pointed at your screen, or a phone camera or similar. The quality isn't too important so long as we can see video evidence for the majority of your run. Also bear in mind higher scrutiny will be placed on people who improve in large jumps without video evidence, and those who obtain new PBs often in a short period of time, so please do try and find a way to start recording your runs if you currently don't.

NOTE: These times were updated on Feb. 5th 2017 - Threshold for needing a video has been lowered for 120 and 242 stars.

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What do you mean with the note: "lowered", does that make the time more (like 6:35-) or less (like 6:25-)?


The time that was for 120 star WAS sub 7:00, and then it went to a sub 6:30


Ok, thanks, i think it should be 6:40 for mario runs though, like only the top 5-6 has gotten a time under 6:30