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Hey, I'm completely new to this, sorry if this is a dumb question.

Would playing the game on a Wii U using the Wii disc be considered to be using WiiUVC?


I would say it as a Wii disc run, as of course, VC means downloading the game cartridge on the Wii u. Hope this helps! p4ntzB btw sry for the lateness raysShrug
but I do the same thing for galaxy 2. I play the game on a Wii Disc on a Wii U so it's a Wii Game technically rays3


I run SMG1 on Wii U Wii disc but l submit my runs as Wii U VC because when you boot up the game you're in the VIRTUAL Wii menu. It's really dumb ik but it makes sense I swear OpieOP