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Yes, I agree that Demo's solution works now that I've been informed of how I'm wrong. [I didn't realize this application, and it will certainly be useful to me in the future]

I also agree that I wasn't making any strong points with the "you care too much thing", because I wasn't talking to you, Shadow. I was talking about the people whose only horse in this race is how freaking salty they are about category splits because they it bothers them that someone is going to feel like they're getting a "free WR". If this doesn't apply to you, then I wasn't talking to you. It only really applies to you if your hate for people getting "free WRs" becomes so strong that you become closed-minded in the conversation, and I certainly hope that you're not like that.

As for the last point, it does need to be said that people like to compete, and if you have a situation where people have to choose between (1) running the fastest category and (2) running the most popular category, then they'll often choose the latter. Fact is, category splits can obviously be BENEFICIAL to the faster categories because people can freely run both categories without one run messing with their other run. [see the several people who'd say they'd run both--did you not look at that and wonder why it made a difference to them?]

Also, again, the point I'm making is that the decision of whether or not we decide to split a category should be part due to time difference in comparison and part due to community popularity in which category to run. I believe the reason to do so is obvious: it's conducive to people speedrunning the game more, and that should be the number one objective of a leaderboard; it should be trying to serve the community rather than doing the equivalent of holding power over the community and dictating how they SHOULD be playing the game. That's my opinion, anyway. Do whatever you wish, I just would like to say that I hope that you are actually doing what you believe to be healthiest for the community, even if I disagree with you on that.

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So before reading all of these posts I started out as someone who really didn't care if the split happened or not. This is even with me most likely not wanting to run 2p mostly because I find it silly.

After I reading everything I was initially pro no split and while trying to logic everything for that argument I'm split. So what follows is probably an argument for both sides...

Currently we have Mario and Luigi as subcategories for Any% and 120 stars. Now what are the differences between the two that constituted that split that no one argues about.
First is the obvious lack of cut scenes in the first approximately 10 mins of the game. However, for the sake of this argument lets say we could easily consider the start of the game being on finishing talking to the bunny in gateway and starting with 0 starbits.
So what are the differences after that? Luigi has stats that allow him to do a couple of tricks that Mario can't do and be faster. Luigi also has some negatives but we're also going to ignore that. So if you were to race people of similar skill levels Luigi most if not all of the time would win. There are no other differences.
However, what is clearly the case is that you're essentially doing the same thing in each run. The differences warrant a split which no one complains about. So using the argument of lumping 1p and 2p together because the objective is to complete the game the fastest I could also argue that we should get rid of the Mario category because Mario will always be slower than Luigi.
Almost every argument for lumping 1p and 2p can be applied to the Mario and Luigi logic. I mostly say this because I don't want to go through every one.

There is another argument were there are tricks that a lot of players don't do because they are harder that is similar but I don't really feel like going through that..

Now basically that was reasoning for splitting 1p and 2p however, despite all that I think the leaderboard should remain the same. Basically because of what Demolition14 and frogyfro said also I have no idea why splitting them would make you want to run both. If anything you would want to be running 2p now because its faster. However, I'm also totally up for getting rid of the Mario category and it be all Luigi!

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Respect was talking to me with regards to the 'if you care that much about a free WR' comment, to which all I can respond is that I genuinely don't care if a person wants a free wr, but when the whole community acts to change a fully functional way of doing things on a desire for a free wr, then there's an issue.

Lucin, your argument about making Luigi the sole category for any% and 120 star is quite frankly absurd. What that argument suggests is that a new runner, with no save file, will not be able to do a blind run because they're not already deep enough into a save file to do that. The fact that Luigi is even a main category and not misc is nothing short of a miracle, because you're loading a save file which has already been used before - I agree in that there's no need for both, but Luigi should be considered NG+ in my opinion (although, I don't really care).

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@Lens I could see what you mean by absurd but my intention wasn't to get rid of Mario just have it lumped together so there would be a tag. So if a new player chose to run Mario they would have nothing stopping them but it would obviously be slower. However, even if we did require people to only play Luigi there is kind of a precedent of that with Luigi's Mansion speedruns. I know this because I'm trying to go through a save file atm...

@ShadowLugia I feel like you didn't really read some parts because I did address your first issue. The second I acknowledged as fact as to why Mario and Luigi are split. What I think you didn't realize was what I was trying to do with that argument. I used what I think is the biggest issue for the people that don't want the split and applied it to Mario and Luigi. That issue being that they are pretty much the same run and surprise it works. You even said yourself that the point of speedrunning is to go fast so the inherent time argument doesn't make sense. That time save in the beginning of the run should be welcomed.

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You guys are all dumb. The best category is Any% Wario 3p

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OK but seriously. This is annoying. Is it going to change or not? Also, this page needs new mods. Because the mods it has are not good enough. How impossible is it to make new mods? If it is impossible, then rip. We need people who are active to be mods. Then we can change the categories as we please. This (realistically) isn't that important of an issue. But it would be nice to see it resolved.

~Sincerely, your loving admirer, Laxxius ❤️



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Laxxius btw, you must be incredibly stupid or as jelluh said, you don't run the game, to think that these mods don't listen to people on this forum. People wanted Mario and Luigi to be split? They split them. Also, you yourself are sounding like you just want mod. "We need people who are active to be mods. Then we can change the categories as we please." You sound like "We need people to mod me in this page. Then I can change the categories as I please."

Splitting 1P and 2P does sound like a good idea, but bringing up the subject of inactive mods into this is just unnecessary. If you wanna trash talk the mods, go get yourself a PB first so we can actually take you seriously. 🙂

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Ok sorry ❤️
I really don't want to be a mod in anything. That's too much work.

I'll be good from now on, just pls don't bop me BibleThump


I just got so roasted....
I might as well be sautéed with some exotic spices before getting put on a platter to eat EleGiggle

Fresh roasted Laxxius for 12.99$ Kreygasm

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Ok but I really want this to end. Is it likely that the categories will: change, stay the same, or do we not know? Please ignore everything else I said because it is irrelevant.
(sorry for bashing the mods, I didn't mean to and I actually like all of them)

I'm just a newbie that wants to ask a question because I'm new here. Are 1p and 2p likely to be split or no?

Sorry for being a hassle...


I doubt they're gonna be split @Laxxius


I love how this forum has over 2k views lol


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