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watch the video. After doing this i tried it in a bunch of other places and he did the same 180 degree turn. Also tried with mario and he does the same thing. I didnt notice it until now and i was wondering if anyone else noticed this before.


I know I have seen it before, and I think I've seen TheBreadghost do it as well. It only works (from my very non-extensive research) if you go slowly


Yeah, we were talking about blindfolded galaxy stars in my stream once and I thought of the ledge grab strats from sm64 and sunshine where you can approach a ledge slowly and mario (or in this case, luigi) will fall over the ledge, but also grab it in the process, resetting the angle and giving a reference point for a blindfolded player. It's used in Cannonless in SM64 if you miss the initial ledgegrab to start the setup. You kinda walk back towards the ledge and grab it that way. Common trend in 3D Mario games.