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Hey guys I'm considering learning SMG for the 12-hour challenge however I'll be playing it with DDR Pads (long story, tldr it's my gimmick), and will therefore only be able to run it on Emulator.

I can see you guys have emulators banned but I don't see myself getting anything close to a record, haha. With that said I would like to showcase my achievements on the board and in my profile if you get where I'm coming from.

Would you guys have a problem with me submitting runs if I mention in the comments that it's a Dolphin run and the only way I can actually play the game this way?

This'll probably affect whether or not I ever run this game but I'll completely understand if you wouldn't want a submission like mine on the boards.



I'm not a mod, but I'm pretty sure the reason emulators are banned is because the game emulates very badly 😕
The framerate is always all over the place, and there's decent input lag. I'm not one to prevent you from trying though! Go for it!


Thanks for the input and reasoning!

I'm running an Intel i7-6850K and GTX1070 so I haven't experienced any sort of slowdowns personally but that's not to say there aren't any, I haven't done a full run of the game yet after all haha.

Just don't want to go through the effort of doing it if it'll ultimately get rejected basically.

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Have you fixed the Wii Remote slowing down when collecting star bits? Btw personally I don't quite think that the runs will be accepted, but that's up to the mods.. idk raysShrug But anyways, Its way too inconsistent to do the game on emulator.. It would just literally be a RNG fest.. Literally due to the load times and that... But good luck anyways