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Comet Cycle Guide (external link)
Cyberscore Leaderboard (external link)
Detailed speed, distance, and timing info (external link)
Discord Server (external link)
Kayareya┬┤s Any% Tutorial as Mario
Playlist of the edited version (external link)
SDA Knowledge Base (external link)
SDA Single Star Times (external link)
120 Stars with Mario (NTSC-U)
Download for Save File with 120 Stars for use on an SD card. (direct download)
242 & 120 Stars (KOR)
Download for a 120 stars as Mario & a 100% completed save file. For use on an SD card on the Korean version of smg. (place in private/wii/title/) (direct download)
242 Stars and Luigi Start Save (NTSC-J)
Download for save file with a 100% file and a Luigi start save file. For use on an SD card on the JP version of SMG. (direct download)
Super Mario Galaxy 2 PAL 242+120 Star Savefile (external link)
120 Stars
These are splits for the new 120 route made by Nostalgia64 and the SMG discord server. (external link)
120 Stars
Splits for the 120 Stars route. (external link)
120 Stars
Route made by imatruegam3r but with some adjustments made by Breadghost. (external link)
Any% With Star bit totals
The current Any% route, with the star bit totals needed. If a split says a number, that's how many star bits you need by the end of the Level. Change Honeyhive 1 star bits to 15 if you do the skip (external link)
None yet
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