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I looked at the rules, saw no emulator ban, played 242 stars in 27 hours, created an account and only then saw "Emulators are banned" on the submit page. Can that please be put into the rules?


Emulators are currently banned because of loading times and inconsistent speed with the Dolphin emulator. Having emulators allowed would make everything a whole more complicated and less competitive.

However, I do agree that for people like you, there should be some kind of limit. Maybe maybe allow EMU except for sub 4 on any%, sub 8 in 120 and sub 12 in 242?

I think this is something to think about, however, if the current rules were kept, I would fully understand as it does make it a whole lot harder to moderate and I believe speedruns should be done on the actual hardware it is intended for.

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That can surely be discussed for the future, but can it please be moved into the rules for now to prevent people from putting a full day into it for nothing? I wanted to play it anyway and afterwards found out that I wouldn't be on last place, so I wanted to submit it, but maybe there are some people who only do it for the speedrun.