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To put a full starbit bank onto you Wii/Wii U:
First, download the save file in the resources section and extract it. Make sure you take out the .bin file. Then, go to the root of your SD card. Once there, you'll see a folder called "private". If you don't see that folder, than make a new one and name it private. Inside of that folder, make sure there's a folder called "wii". Once again, if there is none, then make one. Then, inside of THAT, there will be a folder called "title", and if there is none-- you guessed it-- make one. Inside of that, you want to make a folder named one of 3 things:
If you're using the NTSC-U version (North American version), make the folder named "SB4E"
If you're using the NTSC-J version (Japanese version), make the folder named "SB4J"
If you're using the PAL version (European version), make the folder named "SB4P"

Finally, move the save file (.bin) into that folder, and make sure the save file is named "data".

Then, put the SD card in your Wii, go to the Wii menu, press the "Wii" button in the bottom left corner, press Save Data, go to the SD Card tab, and you'll see the SMG2 save. Just press that and click copy, and it'll be copied to your Wii save data and when you boot up the game, you'll have the full bank file.
Note that if you already have SMG2 save data on your Wii, you have to delete it before copying the save from your SD card.
After each run, just go into your save data, delete your Wii's SMG2 data, and copy over the save file from the SD card section.


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If you already have a save file that has enough starbits that you would like to keep instead of downloading a new one, you can simply copy the save onto the SD card, then do the process described above. This is a good strategy if you want to keep your IL times. Just remember to update the file periodically, because you might accidentally revert to an outdated save.

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Maybe is a stupid idea, but if you out of the game without sabe it, you dont save that you use the star bits, no?
ez 🙂 xd