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It shows up as a ? Mark above BuBa1 so yes


I think that a minimum spin run would be really cool. I don't know how many spins that is, but it would be similar to smo minimum captures, and fairly fun to play.


I have been wanting Super Mario Galaxy Category Extensions for so long!

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So nice this category extensions of doc.

In all case, I continue without understand why we cant simply have a categroy extensions in, in smg1 and in smg2


The CE boards we have set up on Google docs aren't active enough to justify making a leaderboard for it at the moment.

If there's more interest, maybe an actual CE board can be discussed.

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i dont think this idea, much, but i just give it
there are much more stars in the game tan the needed cantity of stars to beat it
is more, getting every posible star you can take before beat the bowser galaxy of world 2, you just are able to enter automaticaly to world 3 bowser galaxy with the stars, without any other star of world 3, and the same with world 4 if you take sufficent stars before beating bowser galaxy of world 3, etc.
So, I think maybe can be an interesting category "Any% no world 3/4/5"
The idea is too simple, like an Any% but you´re not able to get any star of this world in except of the Bowser one (which is needed to advance in the history of the game)
Idk if the difference is too big, but it should need his own route and other stars to get sufficent stars
im not 100% sure if it can be a good idea (also becaus im not speedruner of this game)