To perform this, you must run through the level holding B and right without slowing down. Then super jump off the first koopa, wall jump to the top, then full jump from the spot shown to perform the FPG.

This method saves 1 frame rule (0.35 seconds) over the world record super jump strategy.

The wall jump I think has a couple frame window which changes it from D5 to D7 etc, but I can't be sure until pellsson comes out with the new LL practice rom.

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Pretty cool, we need to figure out the other fpgs as well. Good job!


So I saw this talked about in Kosmic's stream today. There might be some misconceptions about the viability of this setup just based off some small chat I saw.

It 100% saves aframe rule over normal super jump/wr strat. However, it's NOT easy.

I'd put this in the realm of slightly easier than 8-1 frame rule save in SMB1. Definitely easier than crazy-4-2-that-has-never-been-saved-in-SMB1, but harder than 1-1, 4-1, 8-3 FPG and harder than normal 4-2 blazit in SMB1.

The 1) super jump is confirmed a frame perfect jump (although I seem to get it over 75% of the time), 2) the wall jump is confirmed a 2 frame window, 3) the wall jump height (how long you hold A after wall jumping) is probably a small window I guess can kinda be estimated like right release in HappyLee 8-3 for SMB1, and 4) the FPG itself is a frame perfect full jump with hard (but usable) visual/audio cues (that probably gives you anywhere from D3-D9 depending how you do 1-3). 5) I suspect neither of the setups are actually D70, probably D50 or D60 or DX0 something. Pole inputs from a save state seem much harder than standard D70.

So, it's a setup, but it's a really hard setup. I've successfully done it about 1% (about 5 of 500), which is more than I've successfully done 8-1 frame rule save in SMB1.

Not viable in runs right now, especially with easier, better, and bigger optimizations available in 1-2 and a not-too-hard two FR save in 8-1 vs. WR, but maybe it's an insight for future use especially considering pellsson is probably coming out with a practice rom for it soon.

Also, I just did it twice in a row, so it's certainly not impossible.

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