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Hey everyone,

I thought it would be helpful to migrate our discussion from discord smb2j channel into this thread. Lost Levels has proven to be a most favorable and increasingly popular game to run. With the increased popularity, it seems worthwhile to consider requests from those willing to help moderate runs.

So many of us have full time jobs, families, and multiple responsibilities we manage day-to-day, and it is an understandable and obvious challenge to moderate a game as popular as mario; in this instance, Lost Levels. It goes without saying that recognition is owed to our current team of mods. Again, they set aside valuable time to commit to evaluating runs. I am relatively new to the mario community, so I will not be as up to speed on the history and reasoning behind why topics such as moderation requests are still being deliberated. However, i recognize the importance of approaching the topic in a patient and thorough manner. It's not something to just decide overnight.

If you've made it this far, I applaud your patience in reading through this lengthy appeal. I ask that if possible, please consider opening up the application process for those who wish to help moderate this game. There are a lot of talented and enthusiastic runners who would love nothing more than to help you guys out and to add to the foundation already laid.

thanks for your time and efforts

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How do you contact the moderators without telling them trough Twitter? I don't plan to have a Twitter account anytime soon.


Plus, I don't know how to get or what the "Application Process" is.


Well, I mean I responded to your forum post, but I don't know if you read it.

Aside from Twitter, Discord and Twitch are other ways you can get in contact with me or most of the other mods.


I did see that you replied to my Forum, but I want to get rid of it! (Not your comment, but the Forum itself, but it's locked)
Anyway, do you know how I can contact you or other moderators?


So, is contacting the moderators on Twitch a way to ask to become a moderator for a game?

Just wondering because I can't find a way to request to be a moderator other than going to a forum post in the Help/Contact section, but it says that you have to contact the current moderators first.

Thanks! 🙂


We have considered adding one or two to help out, but we will get in touch with those we feel are the best fit.

Being a moderator of this game requires a lot and we would likely only consider those who have a long running familiarity with the game.

- Ability to time runs to exact milliseconds using spreadsheets, math and images for patterns
- Ability to know when runs are suspicious.
- Ability to know what looks like natural gameplay and what looks like TAS gameplay.
- Ability to notice potential splices or other oddities in submissions.
- Ability to keep tabs on people and know who has submitted cheated or suspicious runs in the past.
- Ability to detect the use of inaccurate emulators or clone consoles visually or audibly.

We are the same group of moderators for SMB1, SMB2J and SMBCE.


Okay, I think I get it. I will see if I can contact you or the other moderators through this forum. If asking to become a moderator isn't by asking through this forum, please let me know. But I will gladly help you and the others with moderation. I will send you a list of the games I want to moderate on this forum. If this forum isn't the resource for moderation requests, I will find a way to help elsewhere.

Thanks! 🙂


Chances are if you have to ask if you can become a mod, you aren't what the moderation team is looking for. They generally look for members of the community that already show leadership qualities.

If you want to submit a moderation request more broadly, I recommend doing so in this thread:

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