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I was playing AISSON when on a dead run I accidentally warped from room one on 8-4 to turnaround room. I don't even know how it happened but luckily I was recording and I had an input display. I checked the TAS and the top runs, and they all seem to warp to wall jump room. Is this something undiscovered or is it already known?

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You loaded the next warp destination before you died.

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Yeah that trick is already known, but it can't be done fast enough to save any time

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Fun fact: if you wrong warp to walljump room and run past the pipe you have to go down, the game won't loop and you will be able to get to turnaround room

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@PexxioPexxio Check your AISSON Wrong Warp vid! I commented about the AISSON Wrong Warp of every room in 8-4!