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The use of emu-only functions or controls that are not possible on an original NES controller is not allowed on the leaderboards. For example, using opposite cardinal direction inputs at the same time. No TAS of any kind is allowed on

Be prepared to submit an input file or video of attempt sessions if there is any question about a run. You must use an accurate emulator - check SMB1 standard rules for acceptable emulators.

Timing starts the frame 400 appears at the beginning of 1-1 (SDA Timing) in all categories except Glitchless, where timing begins upon selecting 1 PLAYER GAME in first quest (SRL Timing). All categories begin in first quest, except for "Second Quest" and "Second Quest Warpless," which begin their timing the frame 400 appears at the beginning of 1-1 in second quest.

Beating the game is defined as touching the axe in first quest except where otherwise noted in category rules. Exceptions are the Second Quest categories and All Water Areas.

In categories that beat the game or a world, timing ends the frame Mario touches the golden axe. Moderators will make corrections to times in cases of error. In categories that do not beat the game, timing is detailed in the rules.

Multiple consoles / TVs, simultaneous play, and cutscene play are all banned.

Level Select Warp
Level select / second quest is allowed in categories that do not beat the game, however beating the game is globally defined as beating Bowser in first quest. The "Second Quest," "Second Quest Warpless," and "All Water Areas" categories only require Bowser to be beaten in Second Quest.

2 Player Mode
It is possible to game over in two player mode and "game over warp" the other player to whatever world was died on. Using this is banned in all categories. Using two player mode at all is banned except in co-op, where it is required.

Streaming / Input Files
A video of the run is currently required for all submissions. It is possible that a recording of the attempt session could be asked for. If you used emu you may be asked for an input file. Streaming is highly encouraged. The quality of the stream is unimportant as long as it is possible to verify the run. Standard NES aspect ratio is recommended.

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