1-1 as Fire Mario run
Utah, USA

I am assuming verifiers and mods aren't active on the category extensions here, because I have been waiting 5-6 days already for my 1-1 as Fire Mario run to be verified. I am just wondering what the hold up is. Please take your time. No need to rush. Thanks!

United States

Same with my 8-4 IL too

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Utah, USA

@Skeeter your having the same problem as me? That's weird.

Texas, USA

Sometimes it can take a little while for runs to be verified, because of how active the game is and how many runs need to be verified. Speedrun.com says it can take 1-3 weeks for a run to be verified so as long as you stay patient you should be fine.

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Utah, USA

Yeah I know, @Nebula_Composer as I said "take your time mods, dont rush."

Texas, USA

Oh, my mistake, didn't see that part of your post

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Utah, USA

Your good.

Basque Country

i dont know how many work they have, but it often happend tecnicaly, "tecnicaly", they have 3 weeks from the submision of the run to verificate it

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Pennsylvania, USA


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