Hey I was wondering if I could become a moderator for this page. I have a category extension that I have been running, and it seems to be something that I made up. Known to me as: Break the game% you get stuck in a wall in 1-1 and are stuck. I can acheive this in about 35-45 seconds and can submit my run once it is a category. I also check this site daily and would be a good moderator. Thanks 🙂


Is there any interest other than you in running that category? Kind of pointless to add it to the leaderboards, if there's only one person running it. As for adding moderators, we don't really have any need at this time, there haven't been many runs to go through, and Cujo and I are usually around enough to get anything that is submitted verified within a day or two. Thank you for the interest though!

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Ok. You are welcome and thanks for the input!