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Can there be a beat World 1 CE? It's not that bad of an idea, we could also do the other worlds as well

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Well, so ILs you mean?
Yeah, would be not bad idea lmao


I don't moderate this CE board, but I do moderate the main SMB3 leaderboard and ILs were removed several years ago. I feel I've known all three of the mods here well enough to say it would be extremely unlikely that they would want to take on ILs or "Beat World X" categories.

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@roopert83roopert83 well, I dont understand why can be bad to have it, but maye is understable that they think that is not so interesting in a game like this to have ILs of the worlds, so its okey


The two criteria we use to decide whether or not a category is worth hosting on the CE board is A. Is there enough interest in the category and B. Is the run distinct enough from any other category. The brief time we hosted ILs, there was very little interest in them, and they aren't really distinct enough from normal runs either. I feel like it would be very difficult to really reconcile either of these problems. I would absolutely still encourage you to run them if you enjoy it, but I just don't think it would be a good fit for the leaderboards.

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