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This may belong in the Category extension forum, but people seem to have difficulty finding that page.

This weekend, I will be attending my local "comic-con-esque" event: THUNDERCON!

My goal is to introduce people into the world of speedrunning and have some fun while doing so! I will have a stream setup where anyone at the event can join me in a No Wrong Warp CO-OP category run. Due to its short length, and having only 1 other run on the leaderboard, I figured it would be a great category.
The run times will be tracked throughout the event and whoever has the best time will win a prize and have their name on the leaderboard as a top mario speedrunner! (2nd place isn't bad haha).

I thought this would be a great way to grow the community and figured if anyone is interested, check out the event all weekend on my twitch channel.