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To verify runs. I'm going through the backlog right now of runs and it's very long. Would like some more active mods for this board. Anyone interested?


I'd be interested! I have experience with this run and NES games in general, and I also mod a leaderboard for another NES game, Power Blade!


id be willing to help out if needed. im more of an SMB3 runner but i do run this game from time to time.

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I’d be willing to help out. I’ve been on this leaderboard for years at this point

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I'd nominate Stewie from this list since he is familiar with the game and does run it. I've been on vacation for a little over a week and have been offline most of the time. I'll try to knock out the queue when I'm back.


I can help out. I don't speedrun SMB2 but I have watched runs. And I am also a verifier in another game. I think I could be a verifier.


I'd be interested as well.


if you're still looking for another mod i can help out.


lol 4 months ago idk

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