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So I have been working on a new spreadsheet to serve as a leaderboard across all the SMB1 Main categories. Eventually I plan to add all main categories for every 2D Mario game on NES and SNES. There is a submission form on the 2nd tab so people can input their own information so that a mod (Currently just Me) can add it without having to research apply everyone by hand myself. Hope you guys like it and i'd be happy to hear any suggestions.

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I really like this idea for showing who has the overall best times across the leaderboard, which sort of reminds me of TG Skill Index.

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Welp. There goes me never running all-stars 🙂

Love this idea. Thanks Roy!

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Oh, I'm 69th place in any%, well guys, I don't think I want to PB anytime soon OpieOP

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Kosmic has first place in all five categories? Wow


I'm rounding out the bottom of the leaderboard for ya 🙂


Do PB’s need to be verified before we resubmit them on the spreadsheet?


I'd like to see this implemented across all games. This was actually my suggestion for Twin Galaxies a few months back, but they're idiotic with how they do everything all the time.

Anyway, I like the idea because it contributes more submissions to the lesser leaderboards on games. I wish it were automated because I think people would really like the idea. Updating it for everyone doesn't seem entirely feasible with the amount of submissions we get, but it might be cool to see like the "monthly leader" at the end of each month or something.

Honestly, I always wanted this to be a thing with the exact method used. I think it's a pretty good way to measure ability across all of a games' categories.

Maybe we could create a program to automate the process. I'm not sure everyone would like this kind of leaderboard, but it would be pretty neat to have a leaderboard "master list" for each game on using just the main categories.

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Yeah I know Epicness has been working on automating it. I know it wouldn't be ideal for it to always be applied my hand. And it depends on the situation if it needs to be verified first. You can go ahead and submit it before its verified and i'll add you anyway. If it doesn't get verified later on or your position changes the board will change later on anyway. My goal with this of course is to give some incentive for people to run multiple categories ( and eventually other games) to help produce more rounded speedrunners in our community.

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We'd need to develop something that automatically pulls the leaderboards from the SRC API and then parse the data into something like the spreadsheet you have. I've been interested into trying to figure something out like that, but IRL getting in the way haha. And maybe that's the direction Epicness is going, I don't know.

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I have developed an application that pulls the leaderboards from the API and does all this fancy calculations and stuff ('s not that complicated) with the click of a button and outputs an HTML file. Here's what it outputs:

Please excuse the lack of any formatting, but the data is there and it should be correct as far as I can tell, but others are welcome to look over it. Let me know what you think as I feel something along this route is the way to go if we're seriously wanting to have something like this. The sheer scale of it is too large to maintain manually IMO.

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That is good. It definitely isn't very aesthetically pleasing but you mentioned that wasn't too much of a concern. When you do some visual improvements I think it would be cool if the player names could show up as they do on the normal leaderboard. I don't know if this is possible but if it is I would love to see it.


Sweet Job Roopert! I will continue to work on making it so it has other games as well. At least Lost levels anyway because that plays off of the same Mario engine as SMB1.


How often does the one that pulls from the API update?


When I click the button to run it. I'll work on automating that at some point, but not many runs have been verified over the last few days anyway. This is still kinda in a "do people seriously want this to be a thing" stage.


I do think this is something that the community is interested in. Several members (myself included) have already submitted our times to the spreadsheet leaderboard. Having an automated one would be great.


Any progress on automating this thing? Just curious.


Do you know if there is any sort of leaderboard like this for NSMBWii


@Groudontamer I don't think so, but you can ask about that on the NSMBW forum. I'm positive that someone will do something like that if there'll be enough interest about it.

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