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I am aware that it takes me a lot of time to Sub 5 and I'm also aware as of why it takes me so much time. You don't know shit about my life. I literally joke everyday about how bad I am. That doesn't mean idk shit about the game. I TAS almost everyday and learn new things all the time.
About this guy here, I agree that I was kinda memeing a bit for the simple fact that we get these "new discoveries" all the time and the guy not posting a video didn't help.
About the GG thread, it was just useless. There is a comment section under Minland's video and it's there for a reason.
These are literally the only 2 times I ever memed or shat on someone that isn't a friend or a member of the commu I know well.
Get over it, you're not helping either, you just create drama over drama 'cause you attack a well known and somewhat liked member of the community while, to us, you're just annoying and nothing else

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