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Hey, I made this thread because I was checking the spreadsheet for retiming. Upon looking closer I noticed that 299.880 wasn't a possible frame to end off on. 299.880 = 4:59.880. It must be either .873 or .889. If anybody else could figure out this situation it would be greatly appreciated from him. 🙂

P.S.: Mods let me know if I got something wrong if I did. But I'm almost positive that .880 isn't a possible frame.

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Have you tried actually dming a mod on twitter/discord/actually using the discord that was made for this speedgame?


eddie doesn't have discord... believe me, i tried to have him get one. Also note that wedge plays on Wii VC so maybe its that.


Twitch name must be right, WiiVC runs ever so slightly slower.


Even if VC was slower (which I know it is bc I used to use it) it still wouldn't be possible to end off on .880. I tried .873 on the spreadsheet but the hammers weren't anywhere near where they were in Weegee's vod. .773 was really close with the hammers and it looked super close, but Bowser's fire was lower or higher, I don't remember which. .773 + 4 frames on axe would be .840 / .841.


The WiiVC framerate is 59.824.

The final time is 17940, which = 299.87964696442899170901310510832 (at WiiVC framerate)

That gets rounded to 4:59.880.

Also, I said in the run description what the run time would've been with NES framerate, and what pattern it was on the spreadsheet.

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I timed it too and got exactly the same time. 4:59.87964 rounded to milliseconds is 4:59.880.

Edit: And apparently mav already answered it while I was doing it.


Ok. Thank you! I was almost sure I got something wrong so I appreciate it 🙂

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