Hello, I created this thread regarding the "Times under 5:00.00 need to be streamed" rule. I'm not trying to start a fight, but wouldn't it be better if it were "Times under 4:59.00 need to be streamed"? Because a couple runners including tavenwebb have had 4:59s done offline, therefore it doesn't count on the leaderboard. But honestly, it's clearly 100% real because you can clearly see the NES Classic menu, so therefore it's clearly not fake. Now, take your time to think on this. Thanks for reading, feedback of any kind is appreciated.


Dram, GDF, and NickJ's runs were all streamed. I don't see the issue here.


Are you sure? Dang, I did not know that. Well, thanks for your opinions everybody.


So sorry for making a big fuss guys, I acted like an idiot lol. But hopefully I can learn from this mistake


TBH there are a lot of people that would do a lot more for a lot less grape. you cant underestimate the pettiness of people who would do that.

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I must say that I feel more comfortable and I can focus much more when playing offline. I'm not capable of sub5'ing yet but I think I'm getting every time closer, and I wouldn't like to get "the run" while playing offline and not being able to submit it. Sometimes I just don't have the time or I just don't feel like streaming for a few runs. Some people might feel like that too.

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I stopped doing runs of SMB because of that rule. I just can't stream because of my very low data cap but removing it would make it a pain to spot spliced runs and such so I don't know.

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I think the mods should treat each case differently. If suspicion arises on a run before or after verification, it could be investigated then instead of trying to claim all runs that weren't streamed are spliced or something. On that note, I'm with Anti.

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I don't see any problem doing runs offline as long as you're able to record it in some shape or form. If I were to do something like that, I would have a live mic, controller cam, or something along those lines to make it look legit. I think if only gameplay is shown, that to me is a red flag. How will people know that it was you that truly got that time and not taking somebody else's video and claiming it's your own? Have there been any cases like that, mods?

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@ViruseReturns has a very good point. Im also more comfortable with playing offline. Also I cant stream, so if and when I play offline, it just makes me MUCH more relaxed and able to play better. Now, yeah apparently I AM able to sub 5, but it just kinda struck me as confused when it was rejected.


I mean, if someone like Darbian is running offline and beats his record, and it was recorded, shouldn't we be able to trust him? Someone like Darb wouldn't fake a run, same with andrewg1990, and many other runners. I feel like exceptions like that should be allowed.

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I think that yes, the mods would allow it, only because of their popularity. Of course people would wanna see a new record on the leaderboards.


Still, REGARDLESS of that statement, if this were a TRUE leaderboard all of the legit runs would count. Even the ones people didnt stream because they never thought they would sub 5.it just seems like a big slap in the face to me.


Yeah, like I haven't submitted a run yet, but I could get a sub 5 (recorded, not streamed) and it wouldn't count... like, why? Just seems unfair to us that haven't started streaming, or even submitting runs, if we do get a sub 5.

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I know, even if you do or dont work hard, it should be allowed tbh. Some people like me and tavenwebb cant stream, therefore under normal circumstances, no matter what, our runs would be rejected. Which is really stupid. Even though its there to stop fake runs from being on top (like Anti said) the rule should be removed altogether.


People have streamed spliced runs and tried to submit them on the boards. The Mods are experienced enough to spot these runs and have rejected them. I think the intent of the rule was good, but in practice it doesn't work. Spliced runs have been streamed, and caught and rejected.
Frankly, I'm not really sure if the rule should or should not be changed, but I certainly think it's worth discussing.

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I'm in favor of the removal of the rules. Those rules prevent me from doing speedrun because I don't like the "streaming" thingy. I got some restriction with my internet and I can't afford to stream for too long.

That's it. hue

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