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I just found a glitch on 5-1 where in mario jumped on to 2 goombas which was in a stack of 3. And I clipped in the ground but I suddenly jumped out. Is the anyway that this is faster than jumping the rest or can this improve times?


Did you play on the European version of smb? Ground clips are only possible on pal what I know


Yup, definitely some PAL shenanigans

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If it wasn't on pal we can probably FFPG but yeah im 99% sure that's on PAL


probably PAL


And just for the record, PAL is much slower than NTSC for warpless, even if you could somehow pull off a full flagpole glitch on every level. So there isn't any theoretical time that could be saved by switching to PAL.


Why don’t we use PAL NES for Any% runs? You can do many glitches which you can’t do on NTSC which save time, so that’s easy timesave then why don’t we use PAL NES to play?


Is it because it runs on a less framerate or something which makes it slower in timing?


Without TAS FFPGs the fastest time is a 5:01.9, iirc you need 2 FFPGs to get sub 5 on PAL

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Pal runs at about 50fps and ntsc runs at about 60. While pal tas is faster, the ffpg inputs are hardly feasible for a human and definitely not feasible for a full game run so in the end ntsc is faster.

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@PexxioPexxio thanks lol I just exactly at that time asked why and you answered me, so basically PAL runs on less framerate and that’s why it’s slow am I right?


yes exactly